last night’s movie

With all the great stuff out there on the big screen…

Good Dinosaur, last installment of Hunger Games, and…

oh… yeah, this…

daaaaaaaaaaa daaaaaa dadada DAAAAAAAAAH DAAAHHHHHHHH!

(I dare you not to hear it in your head)

I curled up on a friends’ chair with Shaun the Sheep and this…

Walt Disney and P. L. Travers walking in unison against a white background with their shadows appearing as Mickey Mouse and Mary Poppins, respectively.

In 1961, PL Travers was 62 (August 9, 1899), short on money despite her earlier success with a magical nanny named Mary Poppins.

Disney was 2 years younger (December 5, 1901), and had gone from an ADD brainstyle 8 year old slogging through snowstorms on his overly frugal dad’s paper route to the successful captain of the Empire of the Mouse.

He’d been trying for twenty years to get the rights to turn Mary Poppins into a film.

She’d been holding onto Mary’s tale with a death grip.

This film gives us humor, tears, insight into two fantastically creative people, and why stories are sometimes more important than food.

I grew up on Disney, watching Walt exercise his childlike sense of wonder at the opening of each show. He wasn’t just acting and telling stories for kids… he was telling stories we all need.

This film’s worth a few more looks.

One of my favorite bloggers commented here:

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