best… fanfiction… ever…

Almost 40 years after the series debuted, and over 10 years since its last entry, The Force Awakens is without a doubt the film that fans were screaming for. In fact, StarWars: The Force Awakens is the single greatest work of fanfiction ever made.

Earlier I blogged about my introduction to Star Wars, back in 1977. Sometimes stories can change your life. My life would have been quite different without this one.

Now to the new one…






I think I may have shouted (or loudly whispered at least) YES! and WHOOT!  enough times to annoy the nice young man and his girlfriend next to me. The film is stuffed with wonderful references to minute details and moments of the first film. It is an ode to the sense of wonder, to the sheer joy of running around the galaxy, to the characters and Hero Journey of the first film.

It is also its own thing. A new story, not quite a reboot (pleeeeeeeeeze I am so done with BatmanSupermanXMenSpiderman etc origin tales) not quite a sequel, well, sort of a sequel because it happens after the other stuff that happened in the wrong order decades ago.

I kind of lost track of the books and comics so I have no idea if it follows any of the canon of any of that but neither does Marvel, ever (constantly reimagining its own stories) so, whatever.

This is the Millennium Falcon screaming out of the sun and blowing everything out of the sky.

One of my favorite bloggers has this to say…

As for me…

Droid design. Back in that first film there was no internet, much less anything called a droid. (yes, I had to look up a character guide to keep this straight, only seen it once so far… so far…).  BB-8 is kind of brilliant, an odd cross between WALL-E and R2D2 and a, well, BB (as in BB gun or “you shoot your eye out!”). He’s ridiculously simple: a half ball on top of a beach ball, or, R2’s head in an opposing color scheme on top of a beach ball (rolling across a lot of sand, this seems appropriate). It’s the fantastic amount of expression the animators get out of this odd little beach ball that amazes me. A tilt of the half ball, a shift of the beach ball, a chirp here, a trill there… he emotes better than some human actors (in other films, the ones in this one are great).

Finding the Falcon. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG dfjkljklasdfjkl; she may have actually been my favorite character. Or maybe it’s just the 1962 Ford Falcon that I had… the one where I spelled out “Millennium” above the Falcon logo, the one with the plush Chewie riding shotgun and the tribbles in the back window.

Finn. A wonderful character for kids (or anyone) to look up to, he’s got the Luke Skywalker sense of wonder and, if not quite innocence, a forthright Heart of Gold within. He’s also capable and adaptable to the crazy stuff he gets thrown into. Stolen as a kid, raised as a stormtrooper, he points out that we aren’t welded to our upbringing, but to a higher call. The gentle roundedness of his features makes him very appealing.

That Girl. Rey. Wow. Luke, at one point in early script concepts, was a girl, then, well it was the 70s, got changed to a guy. Leia was great, but very princessy on some level. Rey is scrappier, tougher, yet you can see her struggle to find her feet on this tough journey. She’s the character I would have emulated if she’d been there in the first film.

Crazy Pilot Guy. Poe. All the handsome of Luke and Han combined. But also not a hotshot (read %^(*&*%!!) like those guys in that fighter jet movie.


Return of the greats. And Han still has that crooked smile.

The Hybrid: not the one from Doctor Who, but somehow, Fandom has united, or untied to trip up the universe… somehow three of my favorite genres have merged: Disney, Star Wars and Star Trek are now one (JJ Abrams, Star Trek, remember?).

Now, is this the sequel George Lucas would have made? Is this the “real story”? It is as logical a continuation of the Star Wars universe as any good fanfic. Look at Marvel again, with it’s continual rebooting and retelling of the same origins and characters’ histories.

Perhaps a good tale doesn’t need to be carved in carbonite. Good stories shapeshift over time, space, and shifting culture. Good stories are eternal, the characters immortal. Perhaps there is no One True Ending, or Canon.

Jump in , the Falcon’s engines are revving up…


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