Latest Star Wars a Tour De Force- reviewed in 100 Words

Scribbles of Stage and Screen

Abram’s latest addition to the cult heptalogy is an explosive blend of action and heart which, although borrowing heavily from its predecessors, still brings something new.

The Resistance’s galactic attempts to defeat the evil First Order are chronicled with stunning special effects, striking production design, Mindel’s noteworthy cinematography and William’s rousing score.

Performances have improved from its antecedents; Ford’s roguish charm is countered by formidable newcomers Isaac, Boyega and Driver. Ridley’s sensitively bold protagonist Rey, is tough, daring and independent.

Despite its mostly predictable plot, TFA’s an expeditious and riveting edge-of-your-seat journey and my favourite Star Wars movie so far.

4 stars

Jo Bradley.

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