Starrrrrrrrrrrr Warrrrrrrrrrs

A long time ago, in a decade far far away…

I saw this poster (by the Brothers Hildebrandt) and heard about this film.

I had grown up on Star Trek, had read some Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke and other sci-fi as well as a few kids’ collections of fairy tales from library and Scholastic Book Club at school.

This looked like something I might like.

I went, I saw, I came out going… “yeah, that was pretty good… maybe I should take another look.

A couple of dozen viewings later, I had collected the toys, every magazine (there was no internet to download stuff from) that mentioned the film or its stars,  and had acquired (for $75) a 1962 Ford Falcon in that beat up concrete color of Han’s ship. I promptly bought some chrome letters and spelled out “Millennium” above the Falcon logo and installed a plush Chewie as co-pilot. And tribbles I made myself on the back window deck.

I was a 22 year old woman. I had been sucked into fandom as surely as the Falcon had been tractor beamed into the Death Star. It was a Star Wars fan who dumped another Great Moment of Fandom on me: Lord of the Rings, which Star Wars resembles in archetypal characters and plot because they are both excellent examples of the Hero Journey. George Lucas studied that Hero Journey (written about extensively by Joseph Campbell). Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum did an exhibit years later on Star Wars and the Hero Journey and I got to see Yoda and star destroyers and other wonders up close.

I am a Fan. I love many genres from Star Trek to Harry Potter to Middle Earth to the Dragonriders of Pern to the Dragonriders of Berk. I’m a Whovian, a Disneyphile, and bow to the wonder that is Pixar and Hiyao Miyazaki. I’ve “flown” on Firefly’s Serenity and agonized over the Hunger Games and plunged through the pages of books into Inkheart. Inspired by the Pirates films I sailed on a few real “pirate ships” (tall ships doing public sails).

Fandom lifts us from the mundane world and transports us to new possibilities. Because of Star Wars I found new stories to experience, to experiences to tell stories about. New friends to share them with.  I did fanart (illustrating a short story which combined elements of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings is a favorite), fanfiction, original fiction, played D&D, found Middle Earth, ran around in the Dark Ages with some other historical reenactors mashing big guys upside the head with (rattan) broadswords and sweltering in armour in 100 degree F August Pennsylvania heat.

(I dare you not to imagine the sound of lightsabers).

So, after 38 years a new Star Wars hits the screen…

What will I think…


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