Polynisian voyagers

Disney’s upcoming “Polynesian princess” film, Moana, is about a girl who learns the ancient art of navigating by stars, wind, waves and birds.. the Polynesian way.

Here’s a look at some modern sailors who have rediscovered this nearlry lost art.



I’ve done short voyages on tall ships around the Chesapeake Bay, in my 18′ kayak, and two different Viking longships based out of southern Maryland.

I’m utterly in awe of the ancient people who found tiny islands in the middle of a vast ocean. And who still can.

The canoe/kayak is one of the basic boat designs. A Viking longship is just a really big canoe with a sail. The Hawaiian version is pretty much two of those strapped together with more sails.

Uh… think I’ll stay closer to shore, thanks.

It took six miles of rope…

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