from the Jolly Green Giant to Moana’s boat

In 1968, an imposingly tall part- Hawaiian named Herb Kawainui Kane was working in Chicago as a commercial artist on an advertising campaign that featured a giant vegetable man… (Hawaiki Rising, Sam Low)

Image result for jolly green giant

He was basically born in Lake Wobegone. That’s the fictional town Garrison Keillor used in his hilarious tales on Prairie Home Companion on NPR. That is, Stearns County Minnesota, the place Keillor says was his inspiration. He spent some childhood time in Hawaii too.

Reading the journals of Captain Cook and other European explorers, he noted that their drawings of Hawaiian canoes were clumsy… the artists had been trained to draw landforms for navigational and cartography purposes.

They sucked at drawing boats.

Herb Kane did not suck at drawing boats. He queried museums, and drew and drew. Eventually, he became part of the crew that originated the first wa’a to sail Hawaiian… and worldwide… waters for centuries.


Image result for hokulea images

That’s one of his paintings of her.


and this…



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