how’s that work again?

When I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, I had not been on many boats…

OK, my own kayak, a perfectly good floatin boat that we jumped off of to look at the sunken boat (a dive boat, put put stink stink diesel engine bleah), a sunken schooner in the St. Lawrence River (thanks dive buddy for recreating that Titanic scene), a sunken fishing boat in the quarry (along with the sunken schoolbus, kind of fun)…

…and two Viking longships.

I had no idea what a tall ship looked like on deck or where stuff was or how it worked.

Walking around on a few made a huge difference. Sailing on some even more.

I’m reading Hawiki Rising by Sam Low, the story of Hokule’a’s early voyages. A ripping good sea yarn, it also has great insights into our own hero journeys and Hawaiian culture.

Reading the book, I’m trying to imagine where the people are, and what they are doing, in relation to the ship.

This illustration shows how she’s built and where stuff is.

Here’s where the illo is, you can enlarge it too;


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