explorers with a purpose

National Geographic asks Nainoa Thompson of the wa’a kaulua Hokule’a…

What can your experiences sailing teach us about living sustainably on a global scale?

Our strategy is to constantly make connections—to good ideas, to other sail plans—whether it’s in alternative energy, education, protection of the oceans. What we found was that past all the gloomy data there is a human movement. We run into thousands and thousands of people around the world doing extraordinary things that we’re learning from all the time. We’re finding a brand-new culture. It’s not limited by racism. It’s not divided by geography or nationalism. It’s a culture of the Earth. A new, emerging culture that’s based on the values of kindness and caring. That’s where the hope is. In the end all we’re trying to do is be a part of that movement and help that movement be successful.

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