wizard wars

OMG she’s not blogging Moana…

OK, I am focusing on Moana as the release of the film approaches… but I do watch other things.

I am a big fan of the Marvel superhero films, and think Harry Potter is one of the more unique and intelligent fantasy series ever (though my personal favorite remains all things Middle Earth).

So today I saw two films… I rarely see two films in a month, much less in one day, but…

Image result for dr strange images

Bakeabatch Cumbercookies….bthpbtphbthpbthpbthpbthpbthpbtpbthpbbbbbbbbblblb

’nuff said…Marvel

Brandybuck Candlestick, Anglerfish Chuckeecheese, Bennetton Cumberbund, Danglerack Banglesnatch, Barister Curdlemilk, Buttercup Clavichord,Bombadil Rivendell …

Some of these sound like they may have originated in Hogwarts.

Just clone that man already.

Meanwhile, back in Spidey’s town, a few decades earlier…

Image result for fantastic beasts images

This adorable, geeky and charming young wizard accidentally looses some fantastic critters upon the muggles of the roaring twenties New York.

The historical setting is fabulous, the creatures are wonderful, (the wizard is trying to study and protect them), the other characters are great, and there is the quirky not quite what you expected nature of JK Rowling’s world.

And…. this…

Image result for johnny depp images



If you don’t know who Grindewald is…


What I find fascinating about Johnny Depp is that one of the most gorgeous guys in the universe has chosen to use his intelligence and creativity and create memorable and very odd characters that do not depend on his looks.


And this gnarly dude…

Image result for gnarlack

is this guy…

Image result for hellboy images

and this guy…

Image result for beauty and the beast ron perlman

Ron Perlman is known for his ability to act through layers of latex and fur and crazy makeup… sometimes we even catch a glimpse of his real face…

Image result for ron perlman fantastic beasts

Both films were good entries in their popular franchises.

Dr. Strange had more moments you have have to suspend disbelief in…some plotholes that you’ll kind of forget to look for because….

Baseballmitt Snickersbar.

The effects were breathtaking, a kind of weird Escheresque landscape that could not have been animated in a film before computers.

one of my favorite bloggers weighs in on it here:



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