adventurers of the year?


I had no idea who my ancestors were, no idea where they came from, no idea how they got there. Even though that first footprint in the sand would suggest that that was the greatest feat of open-ocean navigation exploration of all time. It’s like forgetting Apollo.

We have enough science. We have enough facts and figures to tell us that our sail plan right now is not a good one. At the same time, we’re not making the shifts quick enough to deal with melting the ice, rising sea levels, changing the chemistry of the atmosphere, loss of wildlife, loss of biodiversity.

Two thousand years ago Hawaiians came here and built a population of 800,000 [some researchers have suggested slightly fewer] and everything they needed to survive was on the islands. They had a hierarchy of importance of life and human beings are like number four. You have rain, you have water, you have coral reefs coming first. So having indigenous knowledge coupled with modern science and technology, we believe, is part of figuring out a new sail plan.


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