navigating toward a better Island Earth

“Like crossing the deep ocean in a voyaging canoe, navigating towards a better Island Earth takes a crew of passionate people with the power and commitment to make a difference,” said Thompson. “I am truly inspired to be surrounded by so many others here at the BLUE Ocean Film Festival who are taking risks and making great strides towards global sustainability, respect for our ocean, and the kind of education that prepares our next generation of stewards who will navigate our communities to a brighter future.”

The Polynesian Voyaging Society’s native Hawaiian leader Nainoa Thompson learned the ancient ways of navigating from the last navigator, Mau Piailug, and has sailed with the PVS’s wa’a kaulua (think of those boats in Moana) for over forty years. The canoe, Hokule’a, is on her worldwide mission, malama honua, caring for Island Earth. She just left the Chesapeake Bay and is headed down the eastern coast in cold, unfamiliar waters.

As we enjoy the new Disney film, we should consider its roots, deep in the culture of a people who learned how to read the finest most subtle signs in nature, to settle the vast ocean world of the Pacific, and to live sustainably on small islands.

And what that means for us now, as Island Earth faces destruction from its most successful species.




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