2nd time around…

So I went again to see Moana… good films require a couple showings at least. Checking the seating online, no one had got seats by an hour or so before the show. Went to the theater, and still not crowded, but the audience was canny, they’d all got the seats in the middle (my favorites), so I ended up a few seats over.

At precisely 7:30 a mom and daughter show up and occupy seats. “Hey, she’d make a great Moana,” I tell the mom. It was the kid’s first 3D showing ever, and first time for both seeing the film. Mom turns out to have a friend in Hawaii, and no doubt will have some fun discussions. The kids in the audience laughed and reacted wonderfully to the film. The nutty and clueless (and ultimately useful) rooster HeiHei turned in great laughs, as did Maui at times.

Second time around, of course you notice stuff you didn’t see before. One of my favorite things is the background characters, both in Moana’s village and in the ancestors’ fleet. There is a fabulous variety of shapes and sizes and faces… and voices/accents for the characters who speak.

In We Know the Way (favorite song from the film), in the first part of the song (by Te Vaka in a Polynesian language), the Navigator and some of the crew sing. Some of the crew appears to be doing a haka on deck. A few of the documentaries on Hokule’a and other present day voyaging canoes show clips of crew doing just that to raise their energy.



And this time I got a great collector ticket which says “post a photo with your collector’s ticket tagging @regalmovies and #MoanaAtRegalSweeps for your chance to win 100.000 Regal Crown Club credits.

I guess that translates to free movies.



clueless as HeiHei.



(Don’t like selfies so grabbed collectors’ items and photoed… the book is about the early years of the first voyaging canoe built in centuries. She still sails today. Note the cover; Nainoa Thompson is doing that thing Moana and Maui do in the film, hand measuring the sky.)



OK, that actually will show up on my twitter but….



OK… I found my twitter. I tweeted (sorry Hei Hei)…


I even figured out how to do that #### thing.

Related image


I dunno about the tag thing…

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