the hook from heaven

In Moana, Gramma Tala tells Moana to follow the hook in the sky to find Maui.

In the Maori legends of Aotearoa (New Zealand, aka Middle Earth), Maui receives “the jawbone of his grandmother”… wisdom from Gramma (speech comes through the jaw), to follow the hook to a new land, Aotearoa.

For the Hokule’a, the hook is Eddie’s constellation, the young surfer who gave his life trying to save the crew in the ship’s early years.

For a school system in New Zealand it is hope… navigating into the future.

It is the story of Pt. England School in Auckland, New Zealand, and the entire Manaiakalani School Cluster, who draw from the genius of storied navigator Maui-Tikitiki-A-Taranga to provide a cutting edge educational experience to disenfranchised communities.

In this short video, we see Hokule’a touch the lives of kids and teachers in this innovative school, and how ancient ideas merge with modern ones to create the navigators of the future. Not necessarily literal navigators of the open ocean, but people who can guide us through our challenges and obstacles.

Image result for constellation scorpius



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