guardians of the pacific

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In Moana, we see a damaged goddess pose a threat to all life in the ocean, as a teen girl races to learn how to navigate her canoe and her life to restore her people’s world.

Te Vaka did some of the most powerful, mana filled music in the film. Their own islands are endangered…

But more importantly, that Te Vaka’s songs and world tours have raised issues of great concern to the Pacific islands – family and cultural displacement, the tragedy of the 2009 tsunami in Samoa, drug culture among indigenous youth and the very real possibility that Tokelau faces total annihilation from the threat of climate change.

The problem is that, like several islands in our own Chesapeake Bay, those Pacific islands are barely above the sea, and climate change will literally sink them.

Here’s hoping that the beauty,k the songs, the mana of Moana help move us all toward malama honua, as the Hawaiians say, caring for our island earth.

Image result for moana images



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