family of the canoe

Living on a boat limits your world to the tiny world of the boat itself… and the vast horizon and interconnected waters of the oceans.

Hokule’a, the Hawaiian voyaging canoe, like the ones in Moana, is sailing homeward along the east coast of the US. If you visit her site, you can log ways you know people are caring for Island Earth.

We are excited to continue to find and share stories of hope that can help us build a positive, healthy future for each other and our environment.  Living aboard a canoe has helped us to appreciate how important it is to work together, take care of limited resources, and appreciate the natural world that guides us on long journeys.  These lessons inspire us look for a more sustainable future for our islands and all of Island Earth.
We are meeting people from all walks of life that are doing extraordinary things in all parts of the world, whether they are on canoes or not!  These stories will grow during our 47,000 mile voyage around the world, and we look forward to sharing them with you. Please add our email address ( to your contacts, and thank you for joining our voyage.

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