Moani does Thanksgiving, the canoe crew sees Moana

The crew of the doughty Hawaiian wa’a Hokule’a head south, swimming under the stars, being escorted to Denny’s for Thanksgiving by Moani (I have no idea if that also means ocean), and going to see Moana.

Now there’s a scene;

Moana running out of the cave yelling,” we were voyagers, we were voyagers!!!”… and the audience contains new voyagers…

All throughout today we were blessed with hō‘ailona (signs). Dolphins swam by, pelicans flew around us, and a seagull even landed on the canoe while we finished dropping the rig. Not to mention the kind sailor who warned us of the bridge, and other boats passing by waving and yelling out “Happy Thanksgiving!” Much of the crew took the time to call loved ones as well. Mahalo again for keeping us in your thoughts, we are doing well and having a blast.

Their post contains great photos of the latest leg of the east coast voyage.


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