lava lava

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No no, not that…

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Or that…


…is Te Vaka rocking those lavalava according to a fan’s comments… (Te Vaka did those awesome Polynesian songs for Moana)(also they are great, visit their website and facebook pages). Opetaia Foa’i is the guy in the hat and you’ll see his name on the screen credits. His daughter is the young lady next to him, she’s a sailor in the ancestors/voyagers scene. Dancers are awesome. More here:


Me: ??????????????????? Lava what?


OK, so I looked it up.

I seem to already own like three of them, like the one serving as background for that pic of Moana and Maui and the Special Opening Ticket. I found them at Sears decades ago, advertised as “sarongs” or “beach wraps”. I’ve used them as over bathing suit wraps, or light covers to keep the sun off your legs while lying on the sand. This one has a turtle design, another has dolphins, and the last has male dancers.

In English, such garments are generically called sarong, but that word is actually Malay, whereas lavalava is Samoan, being short for ʻie lavalava (cloth that wraps around). Another common name for the Polynesian variety is pāreu (usually spelled pareo), which is the Tahitian name.[2] In New Caledonia and Wallis and Futuna, lavalava are called “manou“. A similar simple kind of clothing is the lap-lap worn in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, which is completely open at both sides.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans in the Pacific, the most prestigious lavalava were made by wrapping the body in a ‘ie toga with fine mats (finely woven textiles of pandanus leaves) or siapo (tapa cloth) pounded from paper mulberry or wild hibiscus bark. The Samoans also created lavalava from traditional materials such as flower petals, leaves, feathers and seashells tied to a wrap-around backing of plaited plant fibers.

Wow. Whatever they’re made of, they’re cool. And Te Vaka looks fabulous in them.



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