follow that canoe!

In Moana, we see a people rediscover their fantastic past and the skills of their ancestors.

It really happened!

Before Disney, there was the Hokule’a…

Embedded in the story of Hōkūle’a and the culture that created her is the story of a 2000-year-old relationship with special islands and the sea. It is a story that was almost lost, and was close to extinction. But ultimately it is a story of survival, rediscovery, and the restoration of pride and dignity. It is a story of a society revaluing its relationship to its island home. It is a story that is crucially important as the world’s populations struggle with the ability to live in balance with our island that we call Earth. It is a story that is still being written for our children and all future generations.

Image result for hokulea images

(painting by Herb Kane, look him up, he was fantastic!)


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