illegal immigrants?

So, I’m reading the blog of the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokule’a…

…same kind of boat you saw in Moana. The kind the Polynesians built and sailed and navigated across the world’s biggest ocean for millennia.

You know, Polynesians, the original inhabitants of places like Aotearoa (New Zealand), Samoa and, oh yeah, Hawaii.

She’s headed down the east coast through FL.

For the last 3-days of the trip we were either boarded or stopped by the US Coast Guard, US Border Patrol, or Marine Police who thought the canoe was a raft of illegal immigrants. The last stoppage demonstrated the full weight of the enforcement services as a helicopter circled overhead, police cars looked upon us from shore with flashing lights, and 4 enforcement boats surrounded the canoe and escort vessel. After a 20-minute stop in which the canoe provided documents of being a US flagged vessel and proof of citizenship, the crews were released and the agents explained that they were experiencing a wave of illegal immigrants entering the US from the Bahamas.

There is an awful irony in this… a boat of an original design by the original inhabitants of this land being stopped as “possible illegals”…

…um that would be you guys who came here from Europe and decimated the indigenous cultures…

You’d think some of them would at least have seen Moana…


At least most of the rest of their trip involved kind and generous folks.


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