on island time (Moana meme)

I saw a great tumblr post where someone had pulled various photos from around the web to make a neat ode to Moana.

Wait, let me look in my photo files…


Of course my shots were all taken in the Chesapeake Bay or on the edge of the DelMarVa Peninsula. Some were taken in winter. Pig (Nellie) and chicken are from friends’ farms.

A big sail snapping out sounds like dragon wings…

The hook was given me by a kayaking buddy. It appears to be New Zealand greenstone.

The heart shaped rocks and shells are little treasures I find often.

Baby turtle is from DuPont Nature Center DE. I’ve carried at least one teeny little one back to a beach visitor’s center, when I found it on the beach (it is NOT a sea turtle but a bay turtle) where it had been dropped by a bird.

I’ve snorkeled near stingrays, sketched them in the aquarium, had one surface at the end of my paddle blade (??!!!???) and startled them out from under my kayak in shallow water (very startling for me I’ll say!); so pleased Gramma Tala came back as a ray, yaaaaas!

I cannot kayak without coming back with a hold full of rocks… and painting them.


Maybe this film should inspire you to look closer at …




(and that was shot with my nice new Moana doll at the local lake, on a chilly day, kneeling on a slightly wet, mooshy, slimy boat ramp…)

The flying redtail hawk was shot by my sailing/kayaking/dive buddy and honorary big brother (Scottish American/Viking Maui?) Dave. It really looks like this…


That is Thermal the Magnificent, an injured non-releasable redtail kept by wildlife rehabber Mitzi Eaton, for whom we volunteered. She ( or , eh, he?) was one of the birds we carried into lectures and classrooms. Never failed to make an impression, often by projectile pooping…


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