lights, camera…

My friend Wanda using her communications degree with her own cable show (some are posted on youtube)…

I was on this week, on a show devoted to health care conundrums. I told my tale of surviving a severe bout of Crohn’s disease only because I had been able to get into Medicaid under Gov Wolf’s expansion of it. And why is medical care tied to your job. And why, when we can, as a whole culture (that’s what “goverment” is, US) support a military, police force, road system, library system, national, state and local park system, and education for all…

why can’t we support the basic human right of health care.

Rant over.

I want to give a shout out to Ace, who is our cameraman and techie dude. He is also fifteen. He is a fabulous young person on course to have a good career in something he loves.

He looks a bit like these guys…hair and all… (though his DNA is more continental America, not Polynesian).


or this guy, the young navigator from the We Know the Way sequence…


or perhaps a younger Maui…



Maui himself made an appearance.

The setup for the night included a backdrop (computer, photo, green screen)…

Image result for winter landscape moon

which reflected the extreme cold we were feeling in our local weather.

Wanda added some props…

 Image result for olaf toys images

Image result for sven toys images

I fought the cold with this guy…

Related image

…who also smote… smited… whatever… some of the moronic stupidity in our present health care system. He’s a plush stuffie, so he’s not quite poseable, but you can move him and swing that hook.

While his face is perhaps, not the best representation of the mobile and lovable Maui of the film, his texture is fabulous and huggable and he goes nicely with my mermaid (I see photoshoots, they are same style, texture and scale, Wanda also has one of these mermaids)…

Image result for deviantart sword whale

I can also easily Photoshop the Maui face as I did for the mermaid here…



Now,k I need to paint my own green screen so i can photoshop the characters into settings without a trip to the beach, though I do, clearly take them there too.

Fun review of the Maui plush here:






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