yule cheer

Every year I make some wreaths and greens baskets. I commit art and writing, but these are easy…

wreaths: rip down that grapevine that grew all over your friend’s fence, or the Virginia Creeper that grew over the dog kennel. Also save all the greenbriar you can from trips to Assateague/Chincoteague nip off the thorns). Grab a couple swaths of arborvitae (stays green even if not ¬†watered), crisscross, tie on some string, then bow made from stuff found at yard sale or on sale stupid cheap at the arts and crafts store you work at anyway. Add berries (privet from untrimmed hedge, blue…deciduous holly from friend’s backyard, and mystery purple stuff). Keep out of reach of pets.

baskets: aunt gives you pile of freebies, you find some at yard sale, or thrift shop. Get wet plant blocks, cut to size, place in plastic bowl (wet first), walk around yard stuffing things into block.


Next up, fire up the sled dogs…


…or vacation… Maui…




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