be the goddess

In Disney’s Moana, we see the power of knowing who you truly are (and some awesome music) transform the antagonist back to her true Goddess nature. She is one of the most awesome versions of a nature goddess I have ever seen.

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In the beginning of the film, Gramma Tala tells the tale that sets up the conflict in the story we are about to see…

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Ta Fiti, the Mother Island, creates life, until Maui, that trickster, steals her greenstone heart in an attempt to bring immortality to humans. (In another real legend, Maui dies trying to do much the same thing, that goddess is Hine-nui-te-po-the guardian of life. )

It is only after Moana restores the heart that we see Ta Fiti in her glory.

Here’s how to do it yourself…



Both Ta Fiti and Te Ka (the “lava monster”) have their roots in real Polynesian legends. I think Disney wanted to stay away from using (and changing the stories of) Goddesses like Pele or Hine, which would have raised far more ire than making Maui a bit different from his many mythic forms.


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