Hank’s garden of zen

every epic adventure needs some moments of meditation…

(Rock Hall MD, December 23, looking out over the Chesapeake Bay)








The rock mandelas, I painted on “skipping stones” from a lake in New York, friends brought them back for me.

The Hawaiian words are written in sharpie on rocks from the Chesapeake Bay beaches.

Aloha is the all purpose word whose basic meaning is love.

Moana is ocean.

Hoe wa’a is paddler (like us and our kayaks).

Ohana you know if you paid any attention in Lilo and Stitch.

Mana is kind of Hawaiian for ‘use the Force Luke”… it’s spiritual energy or power.

Pono is doing the right thing.

Wa’a is canoe, specifically the sorts of outriggers used in Polynesia. In other places they are waka, vaka or va’a.

Wa’a kaulua is a big double hulled voyaging canoe like the ones we saw in Moana (the film) or on moana (the ocean) for thousands of years.

Aina is land, earth, environment.

Malama honua is caring for island earth.


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