Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam…

I was a drab little crab once…

So some friends and I were exploring the edge of the Chesapeake Bay at Rock Hall MD…




Uh, yeah, well, there’s this great seaglass beach hidden from the main beach…

So we’re digging in the sand and…

well Tamatoa hasn’t always been this glam… or that large either…



Tamatoa appears to be either an Asian shore crab or possibly some other non-native species that was accidentally brought to the Chesapeake. We, of course, are known for our fabulously tasty blue crabs…

I like free food, you look like seafoooooood….

Tiny Tamatoa appeared to be a female nursing an egg mass (seen when she’s flipped over). She and several others were unearthed by us when we dug in the damp sand at the tide line, around the riprap rocks. For you landlubbers, that’s rocks dumped on sandy shorelines to keep the shore from eroding. the nature of sandy shores is to move. Humans who build houses and docks and stuff don’t like shores to move.

We replaced Tamatoa and friends and stopped digging. They were moving very slow, as if hibernating.


PS, while big plush Maui is fabulous (it’s sooooooooooooo flufffffyyyyyy!!!!!), his face…. not so much… so yeah, Photoshop is my friend.



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