movies: some recent favorites

In a day filled with pragmatic crap like doctor appointments and blood tests, there was also a drive through snow just deep enough to “cool a Hobbit’s toes”, Redbox, and…

…me taking my 92 year old mother to see a movie.

Probably the last time she was in a theater was when I was a kid… probably a Disney film sometime in the 60s.

We saw Moana. In 2D. I’ve seen it three times in 3D…

…and most of the songs (interwebs, trailers etc.) about 3641782639 times.

“So what did you think?”

“It was OK.”


Image result for moana screaming chicken

Last night Redbox produced Secret Life of Pets and Tarzan.

SLoP (wait, does the acronym really come out like that?!?!?) was much cuter, funnier, and more slapstick (I don’t particularly like slapstick) than I thought. Also really well designed… and full of weird little truths like the guinea pig lost in the walls, the wheeled Basset hound and the endless weiner dog.

And the Pomeranian who kicked butt. I have never met a bad Pom. I have had Siberians for decades, and one Schipperke. Poms, like those breeds, KNOW they are descended from wolves…

Tarzan had its moments. I mean… Tarzan. I read at least one book, grew up with the Ron Ely version, and loved the Disney one. Also Samuel L Jackson Sir. Still… think I’ll go with the Disney version…

Tonight I Redboxed a couple of films I missed in the theaters; Ghostbusters and BFG. Ghostbusters was best reviewed here:

Ghostbusters is notable for its cast’s good chemistry (and nuclear physics and whatever), Leslie Jones’s earthy heroine and the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth slaying it as a dumb blond receptionist (yaaaaaaaaaaas, he is hilarious). I stopped trying to explain the ghost concept after the first six times she asked what this movie was…

BFG was one of those Redbox disasters wherein you pay for the damn thing, stick it in the DVD player and it sputters and freezes. In sheer pissed off annoyance, conversing like a mariner, I scrawled DAMAGED SKIPS in indelible black marker on its title face. %*&^$&%$# you Redbox, the last time this happened it was a %(&^%%^$ zoo getting credit for a free movie (I labelled that one with tape… this time I threw polite to the wind…. %(&^%*&^ check your products already.

On a whim (and because I like the look of this film) I stuck it in the computer and it played.

It still sucks and is not going to work in anyone’s DVD player.

The movie is actually fabulous, and I wish I had caught it in the theater. It’s wonderfully designed, is a terrific fairy tale, has a solid heart as a story and a kid actor who is just wonderful.

Also, the Queen, corgis, gnarly flesh eating giants who sleep under turf blankets, dreams in bottles, a terrific night pond which you jump into the reflection and in the upside down world of that you catch dreams, helicopters and British Military guys hauling mean giants off to eat nasty vegetables on a remote island, and the Big Friendly Giant himself, a marvel of character design.

ANd caught Sing in the theater, and it was wonderful.

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