moana was here


Let me just point out that moana is not just the name of the Disney film, it is “ocean” in several Polynesian languages…

Image result for moana heart of tafiti images

The spiral image appears several times in the film as an ocean symbol… above, on Moana’s wa’a  (canoe) sail…

…on promotional stuff…

Image result for moana heart of tafiti images

on the greenstone heart…

Image result for moana heart of tafiti images

on the locket inherited down the ages from the Navigator in the Ancestors’ fleet, through his student, to Gramma, to Moana…

Image result for moana heart of tafiti images

… to the designs left in the sand by the Ocean herself (or himself? Often the sea god is male) when she/he gifts Moana as a toddler.


(there are several more spiral patterns visible in the sand the ocean reveals as it parts for Moana)

The spiral is a great image for the ocean, it is the pattern of waves, of the flight of some birds, of things caught in the wind, of a small boat on waves.

It is one of the core patterns of the Universe; the shape of galaxies, the motion of our own star and planets through space (those eliptical orbits don’t happen in a static universe, the whole solar system is moving forward, creating a spiral dance of planets and sun and moons). It is the shape of DNA, of vine tendrils, of galloping hooves.

Above is my barn… this is the space between it and the small pasture where Goliath (mustang) and Svaha (mustang/Arabaian) are waiting for the hay I’ve just tossed down…



This is Pennsylvania in January, in the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay, which leads down to the sea.

This is the view from the hayloft…


wait… waht????


A mysterious spiral has appeared in the remnants of snow…

Even here, hours from the sea, hundreds of miles inland, we are connected. The ocean connects us all. Runoff from our farms and urban areas and industries goes down to the Bay and then to the sea. We felt the heat of climate change this summer (just ask my Siberians). We are feeling the drought still. January, especially Farm Show Week,  should be much colder, with much more snow.

Now, I know that I pull the garden wagon around that space every few days to collect the hay bales and haul them a hundred feet to a tiny shed, to store so I can pass out chunks of hay a bit at a time to the horses. I know the spiral came from the wagon wheels…

…or at least, was made by them.

Water rises from the sea, rains or snows on us here, far away. Then returns in a never ending dance.

It is the heart of Tafiti.

How will we care for it?




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