Horse poop and wubbas

(Denali, blue eyes, Rev brown eyes)
Rev, the Haka Dog (he does hakas whenever humans appear at the kennel, doesn’t matter what for) is fine.
He is also, presently covered in horse poop and mud.
This is because, unlike his dainty lady companion, he has Discovered That Horse Poop Is The Gift Of The Gods.
Sadly, I did not take out the camera this afternoon.
The dogyard, with its mighty mostly Siberian proof fence is also a horse yard. The horses are connived into gong into the other yard with nice hay, the gate is closed, and then I release the Dogs of Zoom.
It has been raining, so not only do we have nice piles of horse poop in various stages of disintegration and freshness, but lots of mud, muck and unidentifiable combinations of all of the above.
Miss Dainty Paws (aka Denali) remains white toed and fluffy.
Rev is covered in… something.
He has also discovered the Wubba, a kong (mostly indestructible even by Siberians and Pibbles) with flappy bits and a squeaker if you bite it the right way. He runs abround at warp eleven, Wubba flapping joyfully. He will even trade it for a bikkie or sweet potato bark somethings my cousin gave me. He will wait, sitting, for me to throw it… usually.
Somewhere he has learned to sit nicely for treats, food and wubbas. (thanks, whoever!)
Last week my cousin visited with her two grade school boys. They have pibbles, one, Finn, is very gung-ho, much like Rev. They are tough outdoorsy kind of kids who did some mushing with Denali and Leggy in other years. When one of them tripped while running behind the rig, pedalling, he Did Not Let Go (as instructed) and plowed along for several yards on knees and wellies until we got the dogs stopped.
This week we tried canicross.
I put harnesses on the dogs, and hooked great soft cotton horse ropes to the tugs (we are not tying boys the size of the dogs to the dogs, uh no). Lined up dogs at one end of fenced yard, I walk to other end… “OK! Let’s go!” Dogs blast down the yard at warp eleven, boys thundering along behind gripping ropes, until they lose it and fall in mud or horse poop, whatever’s closest. They also roll around in it all a bit. They are wearing indestructible Carhart overalls, washable).
We canicross for about a half hour this way… boys and dogs running, dogs getting bikkies when they reach the other end of the yard. All are amused.
I have no idea who’s muddier.
Rev also discovered The Hedgehog of Doom this day. A stuffed hedgehog dog toy I got for Denali, when she was missing her other buddy Legolas. I threw the hedgehog out in the yard, Rev glomped onto it and Would Not Let Go.
…not for dog treats, not for “SIT!”, not when I grabbed collar and tugged. One small boy approached him and he ignored the kid, but we decided he was so invested in Hedgehog of Doom we had all humans back off.
I finally caught him, put a leash on him and headed for the garage (Hedgehog still firmly clamped in his jaws). In garage, I tried several kinds of bikkies to no avail, then a bowl of his normal food, thinking, “this is not going to work”.
It did, he dropped the Hedgehog for a bowl of ordinary dog food.
I think we will stick with the wubba, and perhaps turn a few of the other kongs into wubba-like devices.
Meanwile, he is sure this dogyard is heaven, it is plentiful with great stinky horse poops to roll in…

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