a friend speaks

One of my facebook pals is a writer of good books and many other awesome things…

she had this to say… and I agree wholeheartedly.

I believe in the sheer magic and raw power of this great nation. We can be the leaders on the path to a peaceful planet where all beings are encouraged to live together and to have enough clean air, water, food, and sufficient resources and where no one is made to feel inferior for who they are or what they believe.

I see my role now is to make sure we keep course correcting it to more reasonable, peaceful, compassionate waters. Some of us will be on the fringe. Some will be mixing it up somewhere in the middle. I see myself as a somewhere in the middle person. I will speak truth to power but from within. I am not a resistance fighter. I am an educator.

In martial arts, it’s called taking center. You are not resisting what the opponent is doing. Rather you are working with your opponent to help them go where they were trying to go but you help them go just a little farther than they intended and then they fall on their ass. In my mind, that is how this will turn around. It will not be revolution. There is too great a disparity between the government’s might and the power of the people. It will need to be quiet, peaceful rebellion that educates and changes minds.

In other words, I believe in the peaceful transition of power, but if someone cheated to get there, then by all the stars in the heavens, it is our responsibility to root that information out and let everyone know.

You can find her books here: https://www.amazon.com/Izolda-Trakhtenberg/e/B00JDAZVFW

and you can find her on facebook under Izolda Trakhtenberg



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