we know where we are, we know who we are…


In Moana’s “We Know the Way” we get the lines, “we know where we are, we know who we are from the voyaging fleet of the Ancestors. Recreating those ancient boats and the skills to sail and navigate them have reinvigorated Pacific cultures from Hawaii to Aotearoa to Rapa Nui (aka: the Polynesian Triangle).

Image result for earth from space

Views like this, of our “blue boat home” from space, have created a larger sense of “where we are” and “who we are”.

Random political borders disappear. We see the whole fragile unique system that supports everything from the tiniest microscopic thing to the largest blue whale.

Pres Barack Obama said:

“When our Apollo astronauts looked back from space, they realized that while their mission was to explore the moon, they had ‘in fact discovered the Earth,’” Obama noted. “If we make our leadership in space even stronger in this century than it was in the last, we won’t just benefit from related advances in energy, medicine, agriculture and artificial intelligence, we’ll benefit from a better understanding of our environment and ourselves.”


It often takes several decades, or even centuries, for huge cultural shifts like heliocentrism or evolution to be broadly digested by society. But the revelation that Earth is a “fragile oasis,” in the words of NASA astronaut Ron Garan, seems to be finally hitting its stride beyond astronauts and space enthusiasts.

More insights here:

Thanks to a favorite blogger for posting this originally and getting my attention.



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