how to draw a horse

First, find some reference. That’s rule one of art, it works for Disney and Pixar and other experts.

One photo can lie, so use a few.

Understand the anatomy. Photos can lie.’

Here’s my photo of my mustang mare, Lor…


Here’s another black horse I photographed (a Breyer model “running along” a Chesapeake Bay beach)…


and here are the steps I take to eventually create something like this…

or this…

first do some action lines… (blue)…


and basic shapes (gold)…


yes, tracing over a photo can help you get the idea, help your muscles remember how it works, and give your eye practice…

now get the running gear down… (green)…

look up some skeletons, basically do a stick figure skeleton

here I’ve marked the hips, shoulder and legs…

draw through as if your horse is see-through, helps get proportions right


joints… (pink)


muscle masses…


when you’re done scribbling, you’ve mapped out your horse in correct proportions

if you just start drawing in one corner, and focus too hard on that, you end up out of proportion

draw all over, check your proportions

at this point you can start erasing the lines you don’t need

(kneaded rubber erasers are great, you can lift and lighten lines)

now you can finish, render, use a sharpie or Prismacolor pencil to do the outline, paint, or whatever…


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