a rant, with some light

journey in the dark 1


The Trumpocalypse has begun…

The light on the horizon is:

the Founding Fathers (and the Mothers they never talk about) were not stupid.

They set up a system with all kinds of checks and balances, where the public (that’s us) has a voice.


I must have faith that the system will work… may be tested, but it will work. Because we’re not stupid.

If I don’t think that, I’ll spend waaaaay too much time catastrophizing… nay… Ragnarokking, and it’ll be another eon of therapy…

Image result for thor ragnarok

Dammit, where are the Avengers when you need them…



Yep, the two finest sailing cultures on the planet… both with Heroes with large tools (hammer, fishook) that also can be weapons… there’s a story in this…

I digress.

Stuff we need this administration, and all others to respect:

  • working people, small businesses and people juggling several jobs to stay afloat need help, not gazillionaires, trickle down is bullshit
  • health care is a human right, period. It should not be run for profit.
  • separation of church and state, and that means your religious ideas can staythehell outta my health care, women have the right to choose what to do with their own bodies.
  • religious freedom means separation of church and state, and freedom of ALL religions, not just yours.
  • environment, without it we’re all screwed
  • clean energy… coal can stop whining now, we need to move people into the jobs of the future, and yes, we need to help them get jobs that make a living
  • jobs should make you a living, you should not be juggling multiple stupid jobs to survive… there’s a reason that once we legislated a forty hour work week and eight hour workday
  • there is a long history in this country and the world, of certain populations being repressed, strangled, devastated… unraveling the core of racial inequality and fixing it needs to be a priority
  • what ever happened to the space program?????
  • legislators need to pay attention to actual science, not what makes them fatter
  • play nice with the rest of the world, but don’t let them walk over you

Here’s hoping there are enough voices, enough lightworkers, to bring on positive changes.





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