bake what how????

So here I am, posting pics of food…


Just so you know, I am not in the habit of posting pics of food.

…or of collecting recipes.

…or of cooking anything more complicated than “throw it in the nuker and see what happens.”

Also crockpots are nice.

And blenders with which you can make smoothies.

I do like healthy food. And anything chocolate.

And seafood.

(suddenly large dancing shiny crab dances through singing…)

“I like free fooooooood… and you look like seafoooooood…”


I don’t fish, but I did once kayak through a salt marsh digging up ribbed mussels from the edge of the marsh. The Chincoteaguers said “we never eat those…”… also jumped off a perfectly good floatin’ boat to look at the sunken one, collecting blue mussels off the wreck… and losing them when we lost the wreck (wrong turn, low vis, ooooops).

Mostly I do rare restaurant stops or…. heeeeeeeeeeeeeey look at this stuff at the seafood counter at Weis.

After ignoring the stuff that says “product of some place on the other side of the planet” (uh why? we got seafood right here in the bay)…I settled on some salmon steaks with crabmeat on top… product of Canada, but, hey, I could drive there in a day, eh?

Whatthebleep do I do with this now?

I look up recipes online for “Salmon with crabmeat” and get “heat oven to 350…”



20 minutes…



mince garlic, squeeze a lemon, add salt and pepper, wait, what’s this about cheese?


Related image

Image result for merida

Image result for anna frozen

Related image

Image result for dory fish


I just stuck it in the oven in a glass baking dish at 350.

We’ll see what it looks like in 20 minutes. (eh, nope)

Meanwhile, nuking an apple dumpling is easier.

Just add cinnamon. And milk.

Image result for anna frozen


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