follow that canoe

…into the blue…

The ocean connects us. That’s what the Pacific islanders say.

It connects all of us, affects us, and we affect it.

As the Hawaiian voyaging canoe Hokule’a continues out from Panama into the great blue Pacific, she encounters some difficult sailing, some challenging navigation. She sails through protected waters, marine reserves, diverse, awesome places, yet still affected by human activity and needs…

My first instinct was to rattle off the list of conservation challenges – illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing; climate change; pollution etc. – the many things plaguing all of our oceans.

But those aren’t the problems, they are the symptoms of deeper issues we face… symptoms of human beings increasingly becoming separated from nature, of short-term thinking, of privileging economic gain over ecological and human health which leave a vastly inequitable reality and future both people and the planet.

ʻAulani Wilhelm makes a point at the end of the article: the first step is being clear about our destination.


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