hobby horse hobbies


Of course, as a kid, I played with a variety of toy horses: Breyers, bouncy horses, sawhorses with heads and manes added by me and Dad, and stick horses aka hobby horses. I was also quite adept at “playing horse”, pretending to ride or be a horse or throwing a rope around friends and driving them…

The stick horse is one of the simplest toys. It becomes an extension of the imagination that allows you to be the rider and the horse.

(we won’t mention Harrry Potter fans playing quidditch as a kind of magical extension of the stick horse hobby)

Creating fantastic stick horses is art and craft and dance.

I’ve already posted some Very Serious Dressage Riders (individually or in teams) doing entire dressage tests on stick horses.

Watching those experts, who know precisely how their real horses move, and can feel, and train, every footfall precisely… you see how difficult it is for a mere human to match the moves of a horse.

for these young people, kids and adults, studying real horse competitions, real movements, then copying them in a kind of fabulous dance is more than just child’s play…


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