follow that canoe

Inspirations, a guest blogger, and the Legend of Eddie Aikau…

After Eddie’s death, we could have quit. But then Eddie wouldn’t have had his dream fulfilled. He was my spirit. He was saying to me, ‘Raise those islands.’

If you haven’t read Hawaiki Rising, which tells the tale of the first years of Hokule’a’s voyages, you might not have heard of Eddie. He was a legendary surfer and lifeguard at one of Hawaii’s most dangerous beaches. When Hokule’a capsized in dangerous waters, he set out on his surfboard to save his friends and was never seen again. Today, a plaque in his honor is part of Hokule’a.

In “Moana”, there is a backstory for her father, who also loses a friend in rough seas. His decision is to never go beyond the reef again. The Hokule’a crew, thankfully, made a different choice and yet sails, carrying their mission of Malama Honua (caring for island earth) around the world.


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