bubbly breakfast

Have a glass of bubbly for breakfast…

no no, not that one…

I avoid soda, it’s useless and bad for you. A good dark beer, like muddy pond water teaming with life, is fine occasionally. Also wine. Occasionally.

My local grocery has sparkling water or seltzer… the difference being the sparkling water has Evil Stuff I Cannot Pronounce Which Will Kill Us All. The seltzer is water, carbondioxide (you breathe that stuff out) and natural flavor.

Then there was the fruit juice on sale… with Anna and Else on the bottle. Ingredients: squashed fruit.

While this year I may have preferred Moana and Maui… or preferred them in the depths of any winter… I love Frozen and …


Mix a dash of fruit juice and seltzer in large plastic palm tree infested wine glass found at grocery and pretend you’re on a tropical beach.

I hate Pennsylvania in February…


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