follow that canoe

Hokule’a heads for Rapa Nui…

We come up on watch in the dead of night, and everything is virtually silent. The wind makes a little noise as the sails spill power in unison, and we feel the lift that we have been searching for in the days past.

Like riding a horse, or paddling a kayak, sifting your weight changes the direction of the wa’a.

Even the simple act of walking forward on the deck to check the bow will change the waterline, and the canoe will shift course a bit.

What is the point of sailing an ancient canoe when we have engines and jets and…

Suddenly, the point of all of this dawns on me – no matter the struggle or the colonizer or the adversity or passage of time, this part of us refused to slip away into the darkness of myth and legend. The canoe story found its way back to us, and we to it; it is the moʻolelo that binds us all and guides us forward.


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