swordwhale’s nature moment

Cliffs are hazardous… (Elk Neck State Park, MD)



black snake just over the edge of the sand bluff, coming out of hibernation

black snakes are welcome visitors or residents in our barns, they eat mice

they tend to be pretty laid back, I’ve stuck a camera in a few of their faces with no problem

my friend’s mustang encountered one while grazing, and it bit him in the neck, black snakes are constrictors, not venomous, but the horse got a swell (literally, he swelled up) infection that had to be attended to by the vet… the snake did not fare so well, the horse stomped him… friends found the snake half dead along the fenceline, scooped him up in a bucket, placed it on the front of the ATV and proceeded to haul it out to a safer, farther pasture… snake recovered on the ride, leapt straight up and caused friend’s hubby to “shriek like a little girl”


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