follow that canoe

Hokule’a heads across the wide Pacific…

Are you a human being or a human doing?

Voyaging, even a few hours in a kayak or local tall ship (Chesapeake Bay) breaks one away from the hustle hurry scurry of modern life. The eternally plugged in, the overly multitasking.

In nature, on the water, you function as humans being have for millennia, senses tuned into the shapes of cloud and water, of wind and movements of animals.

Just being.

We’re whipping along here, in great Hōkūleʻa fashion. We’ve been at 6-6.5 kts steady all day, changing sails about 7-8 times throughout the day searching for the right sail set to match the speed and direction that we needed. Our navigators are on a 24-hour watch, doing a great job and working well together.

Included is some neat technical data about sailing and navigating in the ancient way that got the Polynesians all over the Pacific.

Swell direction and height: 8 foot Manu Malanai, 6 foot ʻĀina Malanai, and building

No idea what that means? Head over to and find the star compass…


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