wait wait, lemme get my sword

Back in the 80s I discovered a group called the Society for Creative Anachronisms. That pretty much sums it up; creative…anachronisms.

Ostensibly a living history group, we were more like wanderers in Middle Earth, in the D&D realms we had invented on paper, and in all the faerie tales we’d ever read. There were Serious Historians, Stitchers of Awesome Cosplay before cosplay was a thing, Great Cooks, Dancers, Musicians, a Horseman or two…

But the real fun was bapping each other upside the head with rattan broadswords.

None of this tippy toey pokey pointy fencing stuff, this was Medieval bashing at its finest. We always knew if we were attacked for real, all we’d need is a big stick and we’d wreak havoc.

My cousin posted this… today…


Not only did she hold off a burglar at swordpoint (till the police got there, she ended up with no blood on the floor thankfully), but she is a SCAdian.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. I knew that skill set would come in handy…



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