follow that canoe

give me forty acres and I can turn this rig around

it takes some time to turn the Titanic around

turn turn turn says:

Yee yee! We’ve found 21,911 lyrics, 9 artists, and 100 albums matching turn around.

I’ve wrangled: turning sled dogs (not easy), horses (just think real loud), kayaks (don’t lean over too far), Schooner Sultana (7 foot tiller), Pride of Baltimore II (how many times do I turn this wheel and what blit on the horizon am I aiming for again???), and Viking longship Sea Hrafn (steerboard and tiller)(watch out for that yacht!)…

Meanwhile, back on the Hokulea…

how do you turn this thing?

If you’ve been following our course over the last couple of weeks, you would have seen that we are sailing roughly Nālani Kona (southwest by south), in a pretty straight line. This long line is the first critical step in the process of getting to Rapa Nui. The sail plan for this leg was designed to head generally Nālani Kona until we hit the latitude of Rapa Nui (27o South); at which time we would “make the turn” and head West along that latitude to find the island.

For more on their voyaging a traditional wa’a in the ancient ways, click on the link above…

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