pibble personalities

Ooooo those feeerocioussss pibbles.

My cousin has two boys and two pit bulls (and a nice hubby who fixed my dog rig and my van and they also have a horse and some chickens)…

The pibbles are rescues. The brown one came with, sadly, no ears.

The pibbles like to wrestle over the Big Rope.


Nova (black) is fairly old but makes sure Finley knows who’s Queen.

The youngest kid joins in…


I think this destroys a few pibble sterotypes.

They were once considered to be the babysitter dog.

Of course you need to know what your dogs love, hate or will tolerate. Your kids need to know how to interact with them (stealing a toy from these guys is OK, not so much from my big Siberian).

And supervise interactions between kids and dogs.

And educate people that pibbles are awesome!


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