best animation

So the Oscars are over.

It was a year of fabulous animated films…

Image result for kubo

Kubo and the Two Strings…

Image result for moana

That one with all the boats…

Image result for Zootopia

the one with the bun bun…

Image result for sing

the one with the singing…

Image result for secret life of pets images

the one that will make you lock up your critters in crates while you’re gone…

Image result for piper

and the Cutest Thing Ever (Piper)…

Image result for dory

oh yeah, and one fish two fish orange fish blue fish….


Technically this is animation… only the kid is real…

Image result for the jungle book

So, lots of great stuff. I had my favorites (Dory, Kubo, Piper, and Moana. I grew up on the Jungle BOOK and this film is closer to it than the other Disney offering, which I actually liked.

Zootopia got best animated film, in a race of great stuff, it would not have been my top pick but it was very good.

Piper was a tiny fluff of genius, and got best animated short.

With all the fabulous music in Moana and Sing, something else got the Oscar. Going off to listen to my Te Vaka albums again…

Jungle Book got best visual effects, which makes sense, as the whole thing was a visual effect (except the excellent kid). while some of my friends felt you might just as well have shot live footage of real animals, I think this worked better: you can’t control the actions of wild animals very well… or make them look like they’re talking too… and using CG allowed for Art, for slightly exaggerating the size and other characteristics of each animal, as well as the jungle backgrounds.

Wait, was the Lego movie in there too? That was a bit of genius too.



One thought on “best animation

  1. I suspect part of the reason Zootopia won (aside from being a beautiful, cracking good movie)is that it became very, very relevant to things going on in the real world…


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