Lego Batman…

nananananananana Leeeegooooooos… caught this one at the cheapo night movies…

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I like Batman ( I admit to a major crush somewhere back in mumblemumble when the first film came out).

I like comics (I read all my friends’ X-Men compilations and got a few of the Essentials. And collected a few of my own.)

I watched the George Reeves Superman in the 60s (it was in reruns by then, as it was made between 1952 and 1958)…

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I missed this one though, except for occasional viewings at my cousins (they could get more than one black and white channel)…

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And I love the Marvel movies!

My cousin loaned me a copy of the Lego Movie (after they’d watched it about 36918723 times).

Me: o . O


So yeah, Lego Batman…

I mean, who gets 91% on the tomatometer?????

A review announced that “this may be the best Batman movie ever”…

A Rotten tomato reviewer says: “The Lego Batman Movie works precisely because it knows audiences are sick of its hero. It’s a reassessment, an intervention, an effort to try and remember what’s fun about him.”

That pretty much sums it up.

Robin wandering into the Batcave and fangeeking over the Battech… “the Batkayak!!!”

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The what??? OMG. Waaaaant.


Other stuff I want to see…

The Bat Dogrig…



The Bathorse…

Batman and Wild Kratts combine forces to create a new creature power…


I digress…

(Lego Batman)…takes swipes at the subgenre, mostly by gently mocking the seriousness that has become a deadening Warner Bros. default. “The Lego Batman Movie” can’t atone for a movie as grindingly bad as the studio’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which stars Ben Affleck as the Gotham City brooder, but at least someone on that lot gets the joke.

Yeah, I just wanted to yell at Wonder Woman to just break up those bad boys and smack them around herself. Geez, what a grim grey apocalyptic mess.

Lego Batman on the other hand….

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From the opening credits, no even before them, while the screen is yet black, Lego Batman spoofs every genre it can. Bats comments on how all important movies start with black screens, then, like a commentator on that DVD you just bought, talks about the logos that come up on screen…

It only gets more crazedely creative.

It’s shot like a live action film, cinematically, the camera angles and effects and stuff blowing up and over the top crashes all echoing the way comic book and action films have evolved into ridiculous, so-not-real-world action.

Meanwhile, the sound effects are often the characters going “pyoo pyoo pyoo!!!” for gun noises or saying the kind of sound effects that would have been sprawled across a comic panel like “RRRRRIIIIPPP!” It gives it a level of kidplay, and echoes the comics from which it all sprang.

And of course, the most awesome effect of all is the voice of Will Arnett…

owes much of its pleasure and juice to Will Arnett, who voices Batman. The movie puts a goofy spin on the Batman saga, but it squeezes its brightest, most sustained comedy from Mr. Arnett’s hypnotically sepulchral voice, which conveys the entire bat ethos — the Sturm und Drang, the darkness and aloneness, the resoluteness and echoiness — in vocal terms. It’s blissfully self-serious, near-Wagnerian and demented.

It is populated with wildly colorful characters, some from other genres…

SPOILER TIME…. (scroll to the bottom…)

Everyone knows the deepest depths of Batman’s villains gallery (like any villains gallery that stretches back to the wacky Silver Age days) gets pretty lame, but here, Joker decides they’re all second-stringers, and teams up with Sauron instead.

The whole film is just gorgeous, bright, colorful, and tactile, it never forgets that these are LEGOS. If you have ever played with them, you’ll sit there in the theater feeling the shiny and bumpy bits.

As for commercialism, like, is this just a 104 minute ad for Legos?

Who cares. It’s fabulous.

Go buy some if you like, it’s a clever, imaginative, creative, genius toy.

…or just enjoy the movie.

…disclaimer, my cousin’s kids have filled at least one room with Legos. I never had any (I did have Lincoln Logs, not quite as good).

No, I am not going to buy any.

This is the hero that we deserve and need in the Lego world: brooding, brilliant and brawny, and so over-the-top silly in all of these respects that it reminds us why we love the character and his complex shortcomings.

I actually wonder if it’ll exceed those expectations and finish somewhere north of $70 million, due to a whole lot of people being overwhelmed by the negativity and stress of political news the past several weeks, causing them to flee to the multiplex with their families for some much-needed laughs and escapism. A final haul in the $450+ million range looks likely, with $500 million possible if it can exceed expectations a bit.

You really have to “get” Batman and appreciate his history to attempt to encompass it as fully and respectfully as McKay does here, and to do it with such a sense of loving humor that finds the absurdity and comedy in it yet never mocks or demeans it. It’s a balancing act that serves as commentary on bat-mania and Batman’s place in our pop culture,

Read past the financial stuff and you’ll find the rest of the review deeply insightful from the perspective of a huge Batfan.

And this…





Some spoilers…





Colorful character compliment includes: Lego Sauron, Lego Voldemort, Lego King Kong, some sort of giant creature from the black lagoon thingie I have no idea, Daleks (“British robots, ask your geek buddies”) screeking “ex-ter-min-ate!”, and gremlins taking apart a Batplane.

But…Lego Sauron.




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