release the snowhooks!

Mushers are ready, dawgs are ready, iditarod begins Saturday, the real start on Sunday… has a free follow, as well as several paid subscriptions (for extra videos etc.).

Here’s the mushers…

Some notable characters are Aliy Zirkle, who has come so close to winning multiple times… and would be the first woman to win in a long time. She’s also probably the nicest person on the trail.

Jeff King is, well, the King. He’s been around for ever and is the other nicest person on the trail.

The Seaveys and Reddingtons are a dynasty of mushing. Dallas just keeps winning…

I think he must have a stable full of trucks now.

(you win a truck among other things)

The twins. They run together and once crossed the finish line holding hands. They may be cute but don’t let that fool you, they are tough.

Scratched are the Mushin Mortician, and the Armchair Musher Sebastien Schnuelle (who looks a bit like Albert Einstein). A truck ran through Seb’s team at a crossing in training and killed and injured several dogs. I hope he’s going to come and comment/blog on the race.

Dee Dee Jonrowe is 63, has battled cancer (which is why she runs in hot pink… the entire team… pink) and is about 5 feet tall. She has kicked butt in 35 Iditarods…

Zoya Denure was a fashion model, and has run mainly rescued dogs. After a few rocky Iditarod years, she’s determined to make a good finish this year… carry on Zoya!



John Baker is from Kotzebue, and is Inupiaq (one of the tribes we tend to call Eskimo, though that is not their name for themselves). He won Iditarod 2011, the first Native musher to do so in a very long time.




Never ever give up.

“I had 4,000 people in my sled.  I was carrying a community of people that supported me.”

Persistence. Perseverance. Humility. And the ability to keep trying.


We see the island in our mind…



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