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The ceremonial start of the Iditarod dogsled race is a hoot.

It’s eleven miles of fun, with fans lining the way, cheering, throwing cookies and hotdogs and other goodies to the mushers.

The teams are reduced from the 16 dogs most mushers begin the real race with to twelve (easier to control on the streets of Anchorage). A second sled with a handler is attached to the team’s sled. An Iditarider is in the first sled, each musher has an Iditarider, a fan who’s paid a fee to ride along for this eleven miles of hilarity.

The dogs are gung ho, screaming to run, they blast off at a gallop.

Snow flies in rooster tails (it often has to be trucked in and place on the streets).

One bit of the trail is lined with pink flamingoes (part of the real race trail has a tropical island theme).


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