follow those dogs!

Mushing women:

This year’s Iditarod has 55 guys mushing…

16 women.

Women have run the race, and run in it since the beginning.

There is no advantage to great upper body strength here…

only understanding of dogs and their care, persistence, perseverance, knowledge, intelligence…

and a ridiculous ability to go without sleep.

Like the Polynesian Navigator who is always aware of where the boat is going, a musher is always aware of their team and what they need.

Dogs rest as much as they need…

mushers, not so much.

In the teams themselves, girl dogs and boy dogs both rule.

Most of the dogs are Alaskan huskies (a mix of northern dog types like Siberians, and fast hound breeds), a few teams run Siberians (lighter and faster than the Alaskan Malamute).

If you ask an experienced musher what they look for in a dog, it’s not so much conformation (as in horses) but an attitude, a will to run, to be agile and light, and to be efficient in use of food.

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