follow that dog!

The Iditarod’s artist …

since 1979…

He’s self taught, and his art has a nifty not-quite-photo-realistic quality to it, a slight folkarty thing…

…but it’s clear he is an expert in his subject matter.

He’s run the Iditarod, and finished it… no easy feat.

His sense of the Alaskan landscape is something you don’t get from mere photos.

ANd the one that struck me…

a piece called Ghost Riders, where we see the glowing eyes of an approaching dog team in the dark.

If you follow Iditarod, you’ll see many photos and videos shot at night, of teams coming into checkpoints, eyes and reflective harness picking up the checkpoint lights, srrounded by an eerie mist of exhalations and flying snow.

Look twice: some of the dogs’ eyes are glowing green, some red.

I know why, I’ve had huskies for decades. Siberians come with brown eyes or blue, or some of each. Sometimes the same eye will have both colors in it (Malamutes and Samoyeds are always brown).

Blue eyed dogs glow red, brown eyed dogs glow green.

It takes someone with the experience, someone who’s been there to portray tiny details like that.




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