follow that dog

If you pay attention to the interviews with Iditarod mushers, you’ll see an understated, focused enthusiasm, and something else…

…people on a Hero Journey.

As in that Joseph Campbell thing that inspired George Lucas to make Star Wars.

The story cycle every culture in every time tells, it’s Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, every great faerie tale and myth.

It’s told by everyone because it’s true. It’s a reflection of life.

The Iditarod calls itself the last great race…

… it’s really the last great hero journey, following the map of that great mythic cycle…

Image result for hero journey

The helpers are often magical animals, talking or otherwise. Here, it’s sixteen dogs.

The humans on this trail are faced with the most extreme environment on earth: literally the ends of the earth, the frozen polar region.

Faced with subzero temps, mushing a team of mostly young dogs in training, dealing with high winds, “punchy” or deep snow, river overflows…

Image result for dory just keep swimming

yeah, that.

They train, they provision their sleds, they prepare.

And when Ma Nature throws punchy snow at you… eh, you just keep mushing…

Allen Moore, in an interview, mentions the slow, punchy snow. “That’s all right, makes the dogs go slower… hopefully we won’t get as many injuries…everyone has to go through it…”

It is what it is. You just go through it.


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